Coconut Water Lawsuit

Coconut Water Lawsuit

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This federal class action case represents an alarming trend – a product masquerading as so-called coconut water, when in fact there is no coconut. When confronted with its deceit, instead of offering refunds, defendant responded that its beverage captured the “essence” of a coconut. This class action is filed on behalf of consumers nationwide who have been tricked into buying defendant’s so-called coconut water product.

“Alternative Advertising”

We now live in a world of alternative facts, where left is right and up is down. Apparently buoyed by an entitlement to lie, advertisers increasingly cross the Rubicon of puffery to deceit and trickery – “alternative advertising.”

Unique Beverage Company, LLC

Coconut water is a billion-dollar industry in the United States. People seek out coconut water products for their special health qualities, including kidney stone prevention, dehydration prevention, and detoxification. Unique Beverage Company, LLC (“defendant”) is incorporated in the State of Washington. Defendant is responsible for labeling its so-called coconut water product. Defendant labels its so-called coconut water product to be advertised and sold to people across the State of Oregon. Despite the large colorful coconuts and the word “Coconut” that defendant puts on the front of its label, defendant’s product actually contains no coconut water, no coconut juice, no coconut pulp, no coconut jelly, and has no coconut health qualities.

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